Principal Message

A few words from the principal…

Dear Students …

In the present socio-educational scenario it is most vital to adjust to the changing World and choose a right and prestigious career. Choosing the right career is a difficult task since the whole life depends upon the decision taken at the beginning. Every student wishes to lead a successful career, but it requires proper guidance. A person cannot become a milionaire in a day. It requires right decision, great vision, rigorous hard work and favourable situations.

There is a time for everything and everything has its time. Every moment of time is to be used diligently for one’s development and success. The first secret of success is to develop the capacity to take advantage of the opportunities that come in one’s way. Success is certain if you learn to use your time efficiently. Gates to success and prosperity are open to only those who learn to respect time, which can be done only by its efficient management.

Sri Satya Narayan Mishra
Chairman cum principal